Tree Planting Services in Lakeland: Which Trees Are Best for Privacy?

For several years, people have planted trees for different reasons; one common reason is to create boundaries around homes. Trees have been very useful in ensuring the privacy of people’s homes. Not only do they cool the environment and provide shade on sunny days, but they are also cheaper when compared to concrete boundaries. The common saying goes that the best time to plant a tree is now. Since not all trees can serve this purpose and ensure your home’s tight boundaries and privacy, you will require the service of an expert to guide you in choosing what tree will best suit your environment.

This article will discuss different types of trees that are best for privacy and other tree planting services in Lakeland.

What to Consider Before Choosing a Tree?

Before choosing any plant, you must consult an expert who will evaluate the environment and your intended planting area to determine the trees best for you. The available space would affect your choice greatly. Since some spaces like utility lines, driveways, walkways, and roads must remain visible and accessible, the types of trees you will plant around these areas are greatly different.

Aside from planting to ensure your privacy, the expert will look into the type of tree that will meet your aesthetical standard; this ensures that your environment is as beautiful as you want it to be. Other things that the tree planting service in Lakeland would consider when determining what trees are best for your privacy include the soil type, drainage, and pH, and this is done by using soil test kits; additionally, they consider the availability of water which the plant will need in times of drought.

Also, you should remember that planting the same kind of tree in a row in a “monoculture” is not advisable as it leaves the trees vulnerable if diseases or pests attack them. Tree planting services provider in Lakeland would guide you on what trees to plant together and the requirements for planting them.

What Tree Should You Consider for Your Privacy?

After you have consulted a tree planting service provider in Lakeland to seek guidance on the best tree species for your backyard size while considering other essential factors, below are the most commonly planted trees for privacy in Lakeland.

Juniper: there are different sizes and forms with colors running from blue-green to gold. The upright forms are very good for pretty screens, with some types developing clusters of blue-green fruits that add texture and interest. The Gin Fizz and Hetzii Columnaris varieties are Lakeland’s most common.

Chaste Tree: they look elegant and are less-known trees; however, they grow very fast with clusters of fragrant purple blooms and grey-green foliage. They can help you achieve a spreading multi-truck display that provides a screen up to 15 feet wide and even more at full maturity.

Yew: there are several species of yews, including the low-growing types; however, the tall pyramidal or upright varieties are effective for broader screens. They are mostly used for shade in Lakeland since they are extremely cooling trees. The varieties available include Stonehenge and the Capitata.

Serviceberry: this tree produces clusters of fragrant white flowers in spring. The flower produces purple berries that are edible and good for jam. Although these berries also attract birds, serviceberries can grow up to 25 feet tall in a very short time. Available varieties in Lakeland include Autumn Brilliance and Spring Flurry.

Arborvitae: they grow in round pyramidal or columnar forms. It could range from a few feet to more than 30 feet tall, and they give you the kind of privacy you seek in your lonely times. They are easy to maintain as most do not need shearing. Although they are very hardy and fast-growing, you must be careful about planting them in Lakeland as they could be winter snacks for deer. Varieties available include Degroot’s Spire and the North Pole species.

How Do You Care for the Trees?

To keep your trees flourishing, you must take proper care of them, from spraying to streaming to feeding them with essential programs. Trees need special care just like any other creature, and mostly, you will need to consult a tree planting service provider in Lakeland to know the best care you can give your planted trees. Generally, you are expected to water constantly; however, other essential services like feeding the trees with essential nutrients, and deep-root fertilizer injecting, among other services, need to be done by an expert only.


Planting trees around your home for privacy is cost-effective compared to concrete fencing. Home Advisor estimates that the cost of hiring a tree planting service in Lakeland is typically between $449 to $1,060. You should contact them if you’re considering using trees for privacy around your home.