Simple Hacks to Prevent Termites 

Pest control firms are frequently asked about the best techniques to keep termites at bay. Termites terrify the crap out of anyone, undoubtedly. Nobody would want these small creatures to devour their home, which represents the largest investment of their life. A homeowner can assist in preventing termites from harming their home by taking a number of easy steps. These shouldn’t be a problem if you’re somewhat capable of house improvements like pest control in Austin. Here’s how to prevent termites at your home.

Keep wood for the fire far from your house

Grilling with firewood is a fabulous idea when the temperature is beautiful. In the winter, having it is wonderful for a cozy fire in the fireplace. The issue is that firewood can harbor undesirable intruders, particularly termites. These bugs are among the most harmful and can cause up to $10,000 in devastation to a property.

It is advisable to keep firewood away from your residence or place of business to prevent future termites. It is preferable to keep firewood at least 20 feet away from your property.

Use gutters or downspouts to prevent termites

Moisture is essential for termite growth, and termites may just find the right environment thanks to poor drainage. Make sure you use gutters or downspouts to direct water away from your dwelling. Watch out for spots where water is accumulating around your foundation and take the required corrective action.

AC drip lines

Texas can get really hot! Your A/C unit is a need that runs frequently. Unfortunately, the drip line of an air conditioner can generate a lot of moisture near the foundation of your house. Be careful to direct the drip lines from your A/C away from the house. It’s simple to remedy this.

Opt for a Termite Inspection

Everybody prefers specialists. And everyone would need every bit of support they get while dealing with something as serious as termites. A qualified pest control inspector will search for termite evidence and favorable conditions. Some pest treatment businesses even provide complimentary termite inspections.

Extra Termite Advice! Fix Leaking Faucets

Check your home to make certain there aren’t any leaky faucets. The necessity for moisture for termites to thrive is a recurring issue in this article. Leaky faucets increase the amount of moisture in and around the house. Making leaky faucets right will also help keep insects away.