How trauma scene cleanup service Montgomery gets old blood stains out of fabrics

 The topic of how to remove blood stains from fabrics remains relevant in the modern world because there are different situations in which people can get injured. Although many people are trying to use household chemicals to get rid of blood stains, this method does not always have the desired effect. Professional services like trauma scene cleanup service Montgomery usually use special products for removing blood.


There are some important rules which the trauma scene cleanup service Montgomery follows to take care of the bloodstains: 

• Bleach and stain removers are selected depending on the color and type of the fabric.

• It’s easier to deal with fresh blood. In this case, soaking and washing in low-temperature water are enough.

• A large area of ​​dirt is removed by applying a dry and clean cloth (napkins) until no traces remain on it.

• When using cleaning products, it is important not to rub the blood but to process it from the edges to the center.

• After applying the stain remover, leave for five minutes and wipe with a dry and clean cloth.

• If the contamination is fresh, it is first washed under running water at a low temperature.


The ban on washing things with bloodstains in hot water is due to the presence of protein in the composition, which coagulates under the influence of hot water. Therefore, trauma scene cleanup service Montgomery removes blood from the fabrics exclusively with cool water.

The following professional products are often used by trauma scene cleanup service Montgomery and other professional cleaning services:


CleanTec 2000 


The best interior cleaner that can be used for fabrics and textiles. It quickly removes any dirt, including blood, and easily copes with grease stains. Thanks to a liquid consistency, it is very economical to use. The solution must be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 6 and then applied to the surface. Just 20 seconds is enough to completely remove the bloodstain. The product consists of water, a mixture of anionic and non-ionic surfactants, sodium hydroxide, solvents, and complexing agents.


Grass Universal Cleaner 


Professional universal cleaner Grass Universal Cleaner will help to get rid of any types of pollution. It can be used for fabric, leather, and velvet. With its help, the appearance of the upholstery becomes pristine without being damaged. What’s more, this product allows getting rid of unpleasant smells left by blood spills in the apartment. The presence of a sprayer makes the consumption of this product economical. It can be used in concentrated form or diluted with water. The cleaners providing trauma scene cleanup service Montgomery say that it’s their favorite product for removing blood. 


Complex® Tantum


Complex® Tantum is a professional product, with the help of which it’s possible to clean furniture upholstery made of different types of fabric. It has a pleasant smell and effectively copes with even complex pollution without damaging the upholstery itself. Moreover, after the treatment with this cleaning product, the fabric color becomes brighter. The concentrate can be diluted or used in its original form by applying it with a sponge or spray.

In the modern market of cleaning products, it’s possible to find any to suit your needs. Is it worth wasting your time and money buying household products that can be inefficient if you can apply to the professional cleaning service and the experts will provide you with the best solution.