How much does an interior designer cost in 2022?

Interior designing is a much-loved passion and the best way to transform and set up your home with the help of professional assistance. The job of an interior designer is to help you create spaces and decorate your dream house in the best possible way. Nowadays, hiring an interior designer online is widely accepted to save the cost of calling one at home as it costs more than virtual assistance. If you want to find the best and most cost-friendly interior designer online in the UK, visit Britain Reviews for guidance through experienced customer reviews.

Review websites are a good source of reviews about online services as customers with different experiences come together to share their incentives regarding the best virtual interior designer they have come across. Follow this guide to know about the costs of hiring interior designers in the UK in 2022 to decorate your house.

1. Cost depends on packages

Just like any other service, interior designing is based on packages that vary with prices and services. Some of the packages with the current pricing in the UK are:

2. Basic package

The basic packages contain guidance and selection of material by the interior designer and guidance from them to decorate and install objects in different places according to the space. Nowadays the price of a basic package is up to £5,000, however, it’s just the registration cost and the cost of an interior designer is up to £500 with various sessions with them for guidance and discussions.

3. Design package

The design package doesn’t include buying and selling on behalf of the designer itself. It contains virtual sessions and face-to-face meetings with discussions on the designs of the rooms and the spaces and the placement of different objects with a detailed discussion of what suits and what should be eradicated from the space to make it look good. The overall cost ranges from £5,000 – to £25,000 with £500 – £2,000 as designer charges.

4. Design and supply packages

If the customer wants a complete package ranging from purchasing the products to installing it by the designer, it can be a bit expensive as compared to the other ones. The team and the designer select the instruments and things needed, plan the design and install the products in the space. It can cost an overall £20,000.

5. The cost differs with space

The cost of interior designing can differ from the space that is being created or recreated. For example, the cost of designing a room will be an average of £30,000 and a bathroom ranging from £2000. However, these costs can vary from the material being purchased and how much renovation is needed for a space.


Online consultations for interior designing can be helpful in terms of costs and ideas about the different materials and patterns that are being discussed through meetings. To make your place a heaven to live in, opting for interior designing is the best choice with affordable packages being offered if someone is interested in low-level renovation and vice versa.