How long does an outdoor artificial plant last?

Do you want to buy outdoor artificial plants? The first question that comes to your mind is how long these plants will stay with you.

Outdoor plants can create jaw-dropping effects on your neighbors’ first impressions. Although it looks very beautiful, it is important to know the life span of outdoor artificial plants before buying them. With care and favorable weather conditions, you can increase the life span of artificial plants. Because extreme sunlight and rain can make them colorless, or they will look boring. So, with some measures, you can increase the lifetime of artificial plants.

How long do outdoor artificial plants last?

If you want an artificial plant for outdoor use, then the life time of these plants should be the first question that comes to your mind. After some time, durable plants will also fade and begin to crack.

But if you treat these artificial plants with an anti-un process, then the lifetime will be increased. With proper care, the lifespan can reach 5-8 years. The artificial plant’s life time does not depend on the material that is used after the UV process. because it not only increases the life span but also the main texture and shape of the plants. See more at our website.

How to maintain outdoor artificial plants that last for a long time?

If you want to use artificial plants outside your home, then it is important to treat them with UV protection. Without this process, the lifetime will be shorter. So you can place them in outdoor areas without worrying.

Stay away from extreme weather.

The artificial plants should stay away from bad weather. Such as snow, strong wind and rain could affect them. In such an extreme weather situation, you should keep them inside your home. Because extreme weather could fade the plants as well as cause them to crack, which will ultimately decrease the lifetime of these plants?

Limit the amount of sunlight received every day.

It is also important to limit the amount of sunlight that is received by artificial plants. You should move these plants because sunlight in some areas could create colour differences. Also, if there is strong sunlight in your area, then you should create a shelter for these artificial plants.

Clean debris regularly.

It is important to clean the artificial plants on a daily basis because they accumulate more dust. The dust can also weaken the resistance to UV. So, for cleaning, you can use an air compressor, which can easily and quickly remove the debris from the artificial plants. Also the debris will decrease the beauty of artificial plant and plant look dirty and dull.


If you want to buy artificial plants then you should know the lifespan of these plants. With UV treatment, your plants’ lifetime can be increased. But following these measurements could also increase life span because these are made for outdoor conditions. If you want a stunning garden, then you can use artificial plants, which need very little effort.