10 Questions to Ask Before Roof Replacement in Brookline, MA

Most homeowners know typical questions to ask roofing companies about roof replacement in Brookline, MA, but when talking to them, it may be hard to remember which ones, so we’ve made this handy guide for you.

1. Will the roofer remove your old roof?

Some roofers looking to cut corners will shingle over your old roof. If they don’t pull up the shingling, they won’t know if soft spots are under them.

2. What type of edge will the roofer use?

Drip or edge metal is usually a piece of aluminum placed under shingles where they come off the roof. It extends out and helps direct runoff into your gutters. If this isn’t installed, the water won’t run off correctly, and you may have a lot of water damage later on. For more information, please refer to our roofing site at https://thebrooklineroofers.com/.

3. How many nails will you use per shingle?

Your roofer should use roughly four nails per shingle. However, if you have a steep roof, they may need to use up to six.

4. Will the roofer use new or old flashings?

Replacing flashings isn’t an easy job and consists of the roofer needing to remove and then measure the existing flashing so they can make custom ones before installing them. It’s essential to get new flashings when you’re getting a new roof so that they integrate with your new roof.

5. Will they use steel in the valleys or weave the shingles?

This is a red flag if they say they’ll weave in the shingles without installing metal underneath. Woven valleys are cheaper and easier to install, but they are more vulnerable to premature wear and tear and will wear out faster. Metal valleys are more durable and last longer.

6. How far will your roofer overhang your shingles?

Your shingles should overhang between 6mm and 2cm. They should not extend more than 2.5cm, and if there’s too little overhang, water can seep into the rake or fascia boards, and if there’s too much, your shingles may blow off during high winds.

7. How will the roofers cut the shingles?

 When it comes to cutting shingles, you want your roofer to cut them using a straight edge using a straight or hook blade. They must strike a chalk line before installing the shingles. This makes sure that they are aligned both vertically and horizontally.

8. How will the roofer protect your eaves?

If you hire inexperienced roofers, they may accidentally damage your gutters and downspouts during roof replacement in Brookline, MA. Make sure they will protect them so that after your job is done, you don’t end up having to replace your gutters.

9. What will the cost of plywood be if they find rotten or soft decking?

You want to ensure how much it will cost to fix your roof if they find damage before the job is complete. It can be challenging to dispute charges after the work is done, so it’s vital to ask them before hiring a roofer.

10. How do they deal with cleanup?

You don’t want to end up with a yard full of shingles and nails once they are done, so make sure you ask how they handle cleanup before hiring them.

Cost of Roof Replacement in Brookline

A roof replacement cost varies by location, the size and shape of your home, and the type of shingles you choose. Generally, you can expect to pay around $7 per square foot for a new roof. The total cost will depend on how much you need to replace and whether you want to get an entirely new roof or just fix up some damaged areas.